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Auto Turned Products Managing Supply

Auto Turned Products's ability to manage stock holding and to meet the supply requirements of its customers is at the heart of the company's success. In today's increasingly competitive environment, industry's need to minimise stock holding and to call in components as required is very important. ATP manage supply to respond directly to this.

By holding and sourcing a vast range of fasteners and turned parts to meet each customer's needs, ATP takes on a vital role in the manufacturing process.

Our 'one-stop facility' has allowed many organisations to rationalise their component supply requirements and to introduce product reduction and supplier reduction programmes, a major help in maximising efficiency and minimising cashflow.

Because each customer shapes their own individual supply needs, ATP has developed its supply procedures to offer a comprehensive range of stock management techniques. In all cases, ATP works with each customer to adapt and implement the supply method that best suits their own supply requirements.

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